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If you think of Hungary pálinka and red pepper are definitely the first two things that come to your mind. However, nowadays unique programs that provide special experiences come into view, as they give an unforgettable memories for our visitors. Whether the program concerning the sky, earth or water, everyone can find the most ideal one here. Therefore, you should not miss any of these programs in Budapest next to the main attractions. Following places have the worth of visiting:


The aeroplane museum is a bit rusty and worn, but hides precious treasures. We can admire the history of the past 60 years of Hungarian public flights, and we can take a peek inside some of the planes. Moreover, we can even try operating an aircraft, with the help of a simulator.

Address: Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 2B
Tel.: + 36 1 296 7489
Web: aeropark

Discover Budapest by boat

Thanks to the many interesting and exciting boat programmes, which wait for you in Budapest, you can see a totally different face of the capital city. You can choose the most appropriate one for you in a lot of colourful boat trips

Web: boat programmes

Zugliget chairlift

The Chairlift (“Libegő” in Hungarian) is a popular alternative means of transport in the Buda Hills. The nearly 1-km-long, cable-suspended conveyance is found in District XII, and takes riders up the side of János Hill in about 15 minutes. Near the upper station stands the Erzsébet Lookout Tower, providing an amazing view of Budapest.

Address: 1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 97.
Tel.: + 36 1 391 0352

Taste Budapest
Beside the cultural attractions, Budapest offers you plenty of culinary delights, you have to try during your stay. You can find traditional hungarian restaurants, bars and taverns to taste the salty and sweet courses as you wish.

You can check the culinary places here