Local attractions


When Hungary was part of the Roman Empire its capital was Aquincum. The excavated ruins date back to the second century and it is open for visitors. Remains of an amphitheater, mosaic floors, tombstones, statues and a reconstructed water-organ are the main attractions of the outdoor Aquincum Museum.

Address: 1031 Budapest  Szentendrei road 135.
Distance to the hotel: 3 km
Estimated time: 5 min by car, 12 min by public transport (Suburban train HÉV from Szentlélek tér to Aquincum)

Óbudai Társaskör

Óbudai Társaskör is located in the neighborhood of the old Royal Palace. During its two decades the neoclassic historic building became an important cultural and social scene not only in Óbuda but in Budapest. In addition to classical music, theatre and chanson nights there are literature nights, book and audiobook launches. Társaskör Gallery houses exhibitions of contemporary Hungarian and sometimes foreign artists.

Address: 1036 Budapest Kiskorona street 7.
Distance to the hotel: 1,5 km
Estimated time: 15 min by walk

Óbuda Fő Square

Fő square is the main square in Óbuda and it’s a really charming place. The square is surrounded by several Baroque-style buildings including the City Hall of Óbuda and some museums and restaurants. One of the most noteworthy statue in the square is the sculpture of Pál Harrer who was the first mayor of Óbuda. There is also another group of statues called ”Várakozók” by Imre Varga portraying 4 bronze women with umbrellas.

Address: 1033 Budapest Fő tér
Distance to the hotel: 500 m
Estimated time: 5 min

Florian group of statues

Károly Bebó’s work was named after St. Florian and consists of three stone statues: St. Florian, patron saint of firefighters; Charles Borromeo, cardinal archbishop of Milan and patron saint of plague; and St. Philip Neri, patron saint of earthquakes. The restoration was finished in 2012 and it was inaugurated again in the same year.

Address: 1033 Budapest Flórián square
Distance to the hotel: 600 m
Estimated time: 6 min by walk

Zichy Castle

It is an old baroque building that used to be the residence of the Zichy family. Today the mansion gives home to Vasarely Museum, Kassák Museum and the local history museum of Óbuda.

Address: 1033 Budapest Fő square 1.
Distance to the hotel: 459 m
Estimated time: 5 min by walk

Margaret Island

The capital’s most highly valued park is a green oasis on the two kilometer long Margaret Island. The island is situated between Margaret Bridge and and Árpád Bridge surrounded by the Danube. The island is full of trees more than hundreds of years old. There is a Wildlife Park that is quite popular among children while Hajós Alfréd Sport Swimming Pool hosts the major sport events in Hungary. During summer time you can visit the Palatinus Outdoor Pool as well.

Distance to the hotel: 1km
Estimated time: 20 min by walk, 3 min by car

Kiscelli Castle Museum

In this Baroque Trinitarian monastery there is a permanent exhibition with Hungarian works from the 19th century. Downstairs you can find an exhibition of Hungarian printing houses from the 18th and 19th century including an antique printing press. Contemporary 20th century Hungarian art is also represented in the museum.

Address: 1037 Budapest  Kiscelli street 108.
Distance to the hotel: 1,7 km
Estimated time: 25 min by walk, 5 min by car, 20 min by public transport (Tram 1 from Szentlélek tér to Bécsi út changing Tram 17 till Szent Margit Kórház)