21st Hungarian Tourism Sector Annual Gala

On the 1st of February we participated as a main sponsor in one of the most important annual event of the tourism sector, 21st  Hungarian Tourism Sector Annual Gala. You could already see a long line of cars in front of Budapest Congress Center one hour before the opening of the ceremony. However, we did not have an own stand all the same we could be everywhere thanks to the QR code on the name badge of the guests which led to our website. We were happy because many people had been interested in our hotel.

The Gala was opened by Zsolt Szebeni, CEO of Turizmus Ltd. and Ágnes Kelecsényi, marketing director. They introduced a lobby movie by Tourism Ltd. and other professional organizations which presented the importance, difficulties and message of this sector.

During the night Norbert Csizmadia, undersecretary of NGM also welcomed the guests. He emphasized that Hungarian tourism „has a strategy and a future plan” and showed the developments and innovations between 2014-2020. He was followed by Viktória Horváth, deputy undersecretary of NMG who wanted to call our attention to the fact that with the collaboration of ministry, tourism profession and enterprises tourism and hospitaly could be a leading branch of Hungary

Before the Prize Ceremony Németh Lászlóné, minister of development greeted the participants. You can read the list of the winners here: http://bit.ly/11shSpP

After showing different videos among others the campaign movie of European Youth Olympic 2017 which will be organized by the city of Győr. The guests could vote for important questions in connection with tourism by voting machines distributed at the Gala. E.g.: there were one question about the investments helping Hungarian tourism and one about the use of tourism tax.

The ceremony was closed by two surprise guests: Balázs Havasi pianist and Endi rock drummer the duo “Drum and Piano”. Those who wanted to entertain after the reception at Budapest Congress Center, they could close the Friday night in an after party because they were delivered by double decker buses to Symbol Budapest.

(Image source: facebook/turizmuscom)

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