Our treatments are based on the therapeutic use of thermal water to improve circulation, fortify the immune system as a pain reliever and as an anti-stress treatment.

CO2 bath
During this treatment carbonic-acid is added to the 35-36 Celsius degree water. The gas bubbles sticking to the skin activate the blood circulation and stimulate detoxification process. This bath reduces the heart pressure, the muscular and articular pains and helps in self-cure process of the body.

Subaquale traction bath
It is an kind of underwater stretching using the lifting force of water and patients’ own weight. Positive effects on the body: it improves the circulation of the lymphatic system and blood circulation, relaxes spinal and neck muscles and mitigates the degree of articular constrictions. It is recommended for the treatment of lumbago, degradation of joints, sclerosis or other deformities, pains in the muscles near the spine, scoliosis and headache caused by the deformation of the spine at the neck.

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Medical treatments can be booked at the Spa reception desk. If you need you can contact our reumatologist, Dr. György Genti:
Tel: +36 1 436 41 30

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