Bouquet and Decoration

Wedding bouquet reflects the personality of the couple and its colours should match the decoration. Don’t forget that bouquet and decoration will be remained on photos and they reflect your taste.

One of the most important aspects when choosing the decoration is season. E.g.: when you hold the wedding on summer lily of the valley is not an option because it cannot survive more than 10 minutes. Rose and hortensia are good choice for autumn because its colours match the colours of autumn and these are seasonal and cheap during this period of the year. If the wedding is held during spring it’s worth choosing tulip, narcissus or laburnum.

Beware of fragnant flowers on tables where food and drinks are being served because their frangrance may conflict with other aromas. Avoid using colours like yellow or teal blue. To sum up flowers should be seasonal, should match the style of the wedding and reflect your personality.

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Other/Special requirements:
flower decoration, music, DJ, programs, transfer, best man, hairdresser