We’re happy to inform you that we’ve changed our name to The AQUINCUM Hotel Budapest. As you could see the previous period has been really eventful. We has recently celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the opening of our hotel, in 2011 we were chosen the best wellness hotel in Budapest and we received the Golden Sun Prize. A few month ago we launched our website with a completely new design and our booking engine also changed. However, The AQUINCUM Hotel Budapest got a new image we would like to show what the name Aquincum had ever meant and we receive our customers with the same old appreciation. Those who had ever been in our hotel know that personal care and attention is our number one goal in the field of conferences and hospitality as well. It’s not a coincidence because we know there is no better reference than the satisfied returning guest. We hope you will choose us in future too.

“THE AQUINCUM SPIRIT – Enjoy the experience!”

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