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Events in Budapest: 2017 Spring Edition

Plan your trip around Budapest’s lively calendar of spring events.

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The Best Budapest Bars for a Winter Warmer

Beat the Budapest chill with a warming beverage, traditional tipple or personalised cocktail. The city is packed with ruin bars and cosy watering holes, but here are a few of our favourites.

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Our favourite cafes in Budapest

From Art Nouveau flourishes to stunning architecture , café culture in Budapest dates back centuries. And as a result, there’s more than a few libation locations worth looking out for.

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The Thermal Baths of Budapest

If you are going to Italy then taste the food, if you are going to France, take in the architecture, but if by any chance you happen to be heading to Hungary, then take a bath!

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Budapest is a vintage-lover’s glittering cove

If you are after a unique vintage piece, Buda’s bustling second-hand scene offers shoppers an eclectic mix of the striking, the wonderful and the bizarre.

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Spending the day on Margaret Island

Walk through a rose garden, bathe in the thermal waters of the Palatinus, climb the water tower, cycle, jog or simply wander around this gorgeous park.

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Ruin Bars: Top 9 In Budapest

Rising from the gentrification of Budapest’s 7th District, the city’s ruin bars are a true phenomenon of rehashed urban decay.

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A practical guide to the best of Budapest’s Architecture

From Buda Castle and Castle District all the way to the world-famous Gellért Bath, here’s what to look out on any quest for the discovery of Budapest architecture.

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The best of summer in Budapest 2016

Budapest shines at its brightest during the summer months, its castles glisten in the sunlight and the Danube is speckled with boats. It’s the best time of the year.

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