Classical massages

Aromatherapy massage
Pamper your body and soul with the power of aromatherapy.

Traditional Thai massage
Our highly qualified, experienced therapists are using not only their fingers and hands but their elbows, knees as well. Applying rhythmic pressure on key energy points or meridians in order to ensure the energy flow of the body. This therapy also involves stretching techniques.

Couples Thai massage
This treatment was dreamt for couples or friends so they can take part in the pampering experience of traditional Thai massage together. Amaze your beloved one with an unforgettable experience. (Gift card is available at the Spa reception.)

Thai back,-neck and shoulder massage
This is a concentrated treatment of neck, shoulders and back to relax the muscles and the tension immediately.

Revitalizing massage
It is a relaxing treatment which aims to harmonize body and soul. The massage movements awaken the energy flow, stimulate the blood circulation

Anti stress “manager” massage
This massage is so refreshing and awakening. With the calming massage movement it regroups the energies after an exhausting, stressful day.

Foot and ankle massage
This massage effectively stimulates the functions of the internal organs so it can relieve pain, boost the immune system, stimulate blood pressure and helps to relieve stress.

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