One of the most important things for the bride: finding the perfect wedding dress

You know that you have found the perfect wedding dress when you fall in love for the first time and you do not want to wear anything else. If you do not have a specific idea it is important to decide which part of your body would like to emphasize.

It is really important that the dress will be not only beautiful but comfortable and it should be matched the venue, the decoration and the groom. During the wedding ceremony skirt suit is trendy but you can also wear dress or trousers and it needn’t be white.

If you don’t like white long tail wedding dresses, you can also choose red, beige, blue or pink colours. Wearing a veil is not compulsory for the bride but the veil originally symbolized the bride’s innocence.

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Other/Special requirements:
flower decoration, music, DJ, programs, transfer, best man, hairdresser