Remedial gymnastics

Remedial exercise
Remedial excersise is the most important part of physiotherapy that cannot substitute for other treatments. It is a special type of movement therapy that focuses on the regeneration of the injured organs or body parts by special exercises. It helps in the preservation of health and it is beneficial for the function of the given organs or the whole body. In the long run remedial exercise is the best method for back pain, spinal complaint, neck pain, osteoporosis and locomotor disorders.

Underwater remedial gymnastics 
Underwater remedial gymnastics helps to maintain good posture. Thanks to the water resistance we can achieve quick results during a short time by exercises with special tools.

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Medical treatments can be booked at the Spa reception desk. If you need you can contact our reumatologist, Dr. György Genti:
Tel: +36 1 436 41 30

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