Don’t miss it!

If you think of Hungary pálinka and red pepper are definitely the first two things that come to your mind. However, nowadays unique programs that provide special experiences come into view, as they give an unforgettable memories for our visitors. Whether the program concerning the sky, earth or water, everyone can find the most ideal one here. Therefore, you should not miss any of these programs in Budapest next to the main attractions. Following places have the worth of visiting:


How does RiverRide’s floating bus resemble the Millennium Underground line? Both are yellow, both operate in Budapest and both were the first of its kind in continental Europe. Get on board and live the adventure!

Departure point: Széchenyi István Square
Tel.: + 36 1 332 2555
Web: riverride


Explore, behold and control! Visit Miniversum, one of the largest miniature exhibitions in the world. There’s so much to see! With over 5,000 miniature figures, 1,200 mini cars and 100 trains rolling through 14 towns and cities on 1,300 metres of rail tracks where you control the action with the touch of your hand.

Web: miniversum

Escape rooms

Do you like riddles, puzzles and quizes? Have you ever tried to escape from a closed room? You have to be quick and effective to open the door in time. Let the adventure begin!

Web: escape rooms

CSOPA Science Center
Visit this special location near to our hotel, if you need a place where all family members can play together, you can have fun while learning and someone will explain what you don’t understand.

Web: csopa