Express check-out

Enjoy the comfort of
express check-out

Don’t be late for your engagements. For our guests in a hurry, we offer the advantage of express check-out. This service is available in case of reception has already checked and accepted your credit card. Please note that the final bill will be charged to the given credit card, without your personal presence.

  1. Express check-out form
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  5. Company invoice
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  1. Extra private invoice
Should you require a private bill, please complete the section below. Simply let us know what items/services you prefer to have on a separate/private account. We are happy to create a separate bill for you.
    Private billing details

    1. Terms & Conditions
    I agree that any charges applicable between submitting this form and the actual check-out will be charged on my credit card.

    1. A copy for your reference
    Should you require a copy of this form in your inbox, please check the box below and provide an email address.
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    Have a wonderful stay with us.