Football World Cup – Betting Game at Aquincum

Dear All,

This year Football World Cup is held in Brazil between 12 June – 13 July, 2014. For this reason we created a betting game for you where you will have the possibility to win precious prizes. Take your bet: Which countries will
• reach the semi-final? (1st and 2nd question)
• the final? (3rd question)
• win the World Cup? (4th question)

Duration of the game: 4 – 13 July, 2014
Announcement of results: 6 July; 10 July; 14 July, 2014

The game starts on the 4th of July at 7 am on the Facebook page of the hotel.

Good luck!

Aquincum Team


1st question: Molnár Hedvig

2nd question: Balázs Éva

3rd question: Serflek Máté

4th question: Szunyogné F. Szilvia

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