Hair, Makeup and Beauty Treatments

In addition to the decoration, the bouquet, the clothes, the music and the dinner on this special day the couple should look perfect as well. In case of brides this question is much more easier than in case of grooms beacuse women let themselves be pampered more easily.

However, men also need beauty treatments, haircut and manicure. With little tricks you can persuade your loved one of having manicure or massgae (that could be couple massage as well) on the big day. Make sure of having makeup and hair trial at least 1 month before your wedding. If you wish false eyelashes, it is important to try it before the wedding day because you might have allergic reactions.

Schedule your appointment with your hairdresser and makeup artist 5 months before the wedding. Beware of self tanning products and solarium. If your skin gets too dark, mix a few drops of water with a half lemon’s juice and put it on your face.

Let yourself be pampered by makeup artists and hairdressers and you will feel yourself as a real princess.

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Other/Special requirements:
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