Hungarian Tourism Quality Award Training

Today Hungarian Tourism Quality Award held its training in our hotel. Quality Award is a qualification for hotels and restaurants that takes into consideration the expectation of guests and tourism sector. In case of hotels candidates have to suit 750 criteria and give a self-evaluation and they have to submit themselves to a mystery guest visit and an external audit. Award holders are entitled to use this title for 3 years after which it can then be renewed. Today award holders who want to renew and new candidates took part in the training. Quality Award is a title and successful establishments can use the 2Q logo as a sign of high-quality service. The importance of this title is proved by the fact that after 3 years more than 70% of candidates would like to renew this title. The Aquincum Hotel Budapest is proud to host this event today and also of the fact that we are also award holders.  We will have to renew the title in 2014.

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