Massage Rituals

Aromatherapy massage with body scrub of your choice 
Aromatherapy calms down your body and increases its natural healing abilities. As a result of the treatment soft and silky smooth skin is guaranteed.

Hot stone massage
This is a full body massage. During the treatment hot stones are used to relax tense muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

Detoxifying algae massage
This treatment is ideal for relieving articular and muscular pains and improving blood circulation. It is also essential for weight loss. The algae mask treat is intensified with a pampering foot and ankle massage.

White tea – Anti ageing massage
White tea has a great influence on anti-cancer activity, it stabilizes blood pressure, cholesterol level and the digestive functions. It also strengthens the bones and helps to lose weight.

Thai massage with oil
It strengthens the immune system, improves the skin texture and makes the skin smooth.

Thai poultice massage
It is a kind of traditional Thai massage where a steamed herbal ball is used during the treatment. There are various benefits of the herbs such as relieve pain, improve the function of ligaments and joints and calm down the body.

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