Quiz game

Dear All,

On 12 November we start a Facebook game. This initiation has two main goals. First of all, we would like to provide an opportunity for our fans to get to know our hotel much better and we also would like to thank all of them for joining our Facebook page.
We will share a question twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 and they can submit the correct answers until midnight.
Draw is held every Monday when we will draw one winner for each question. It means that every Monday we will announce the name of the two winners on our website.

Good luck to all!

Best regards,
Aquincum Team


1. question: What are the meeting rooms of The Aquincum Hotel Budapest named after?
Correct answer: Names of famous ancient people, gods etc.
Winner: Bohó Andrea

2. question: Which are the meeting rooms that could be divided into two (A,B) smaller rooms?
Correct answer: Hadrianus, Galenus, Tractus
Winner: Tóth Tamás

3. question: What is the actual dining promotion in our restaurant?
Correct answer: Goose weeks
Winner: Szemző Gyula

4. question: How many square meters is the Spa of The Aquincum Hotel Budapest?
Correct answer: 1660 m2
Winner: Dorogi Katinka

5. question: Where does the Virtual Tour start on our website?
Correct answer: The River Bar
Winner: Gulácsi Gábor

6. question: When does our shuttle bus leave from the city center to the hotel?
Correct answer: 10:00, 14:00, 16:30
Winner: Szuromi Ágnes

7. question: What is the new slogan of the hotel since the renewal?
Correct answer: The Aquincum Spirit-Enjoy the experience!
Winner: Koncsik Szilvia

8. question: How many people could fit in the Hadrianus ballroom of the hotel?
Correct answer: 300
Winner: Barna Andor


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