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Our philosophy

Why Aronia?
The Aronia fruit, also known as the chokeberry, is classed as a superfruit due to its exeptionally high antioxidant content; when consumed or used in beauty treatments it’s an effecive cell protector, inflamation reducer and protector of overall health. We couldn’t find a more appropriate and meaningful name for our spa, where preserving health, vitality and beauty is our goal.

We truly belive that spa treatments contribute to a long and healthy life, and should therefore be a part of your every day rather than a luxury. At Aronia Spa & Wellness both hotel guests and locals are welcome to enjoy the fitness equipment, indulgent treatments and health benefits of thermal water.

Our treatment menu offers well-known classic massages as well as unique signature treatment rituals.

We have selected Helia-D Professional, the hunagrian premium cosmetics brand as our partner. Their philosophy of tradition and innovation matches ours perfectly, and their world-class formulas meet even the highest expectations. Besides Helia-D Professional, you can enjoy hot baths with Levendarium pure aromatherapy bath salts and Organity Ancient Magnesium bath crystals. We also offer a purifying and refreshing essential oil blend created exlclusively for us by Aromax Ltd.

Our treatment rooms are designed to promote a relaxing experience: think clean, comfy rooms, soft lights, ideal temperatures, soft linen, no ticking clocks and tranquil music. We start all our treatments with short welcome, so the client and the therapist can relax and get attuned. During our facial rituals, guests are treated to a hand and/or foot massage while the face masks work their magic.
Our signature, state-of-the-art facial techniqe combines classic massage movements with cutting-edge techniques to ensure outstanding results.

As the first exclusive Helia-D Professional spa, Aronia is a sanctuary for hotel guests and locals alike.