Thai Massage

This massage technique involves relaxing, gentle strokes using warm and nourishing oils and rich essences that guarantee complete relaxation. It relieves stress and anxiety and supports the immune system. If you are unfamiliar with the world of massages, we recommend this treatment as a first experience.

Traditional Thai massage





The effect of the treatment is mainly in the balancing of the energy system. Its unique quality is that Thai masseuses do not only use their fingers, but their hands, elbows, knees and feet as well when massaging physiological points on the body. The unique effectiveness of the massage is further enhanced by the special movement of various body parts and the controlled cracking of joints. The goal – both physically and psychologically – is to relieve pain and tension and to create a feeling of flexibility and looseness.
Thai massage is a dry (oil free) treatment done through a thin fabric massage dress on the floor and mattress.

Thai massage with oil





The choreography of the massage is basically identical to traditional Thai massage with the only difference being that some grips are not employed when the body is slippery from oil.
The essential oils take effect via touch and smell alike directly through the skin. The oily massage stimulates the circulatory system, while the essential oil aromas envelop the body and take effect when inhaled. This treatment helps with detoxification, strengthens the immune system and makes the skin resilient and silky while the tired body is refreshed.

Thai herbal massage





This type of massage is a combination of traditional Thai massage and vapour inhalation generated from various herbs.
Massaging with steamed herbal bags, circulation is boosted with the heat of the steam and the oils from the herbs, while the muscles and stiff joints are also activated. The treatment is excellent for the refreshment of strained joints and muscles and the alleviation of derived pain. The herbal bag contains 15 different medicinal plants.

Thai foot massage



Foot massage is an ancient Chinese cure used successfully for over 3000 years in Asia. Practically every single sensory nerve stems from the sole of the foot. Foot massages stimulate the activity of our internal organs, balance the functionality of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, boost stamina, develop and improve the immune system, help detoxification, rejuvenate the body and contribute to a long, healthy life. The masseuses use their hands, fingers and a special wooden stick along with creams and oils.

Thai back, neck and shoulder massage



More and more people feel accumulated tension in their neck, back or shoulders for many different reasons. This back, neck and shoulder treatment brings relief and may even eliminate pain in these areas.

Thai massage for two





A special service offered to couples, friends, mother-daughter to experience the magic of two masseurs working in harmony together.

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