Hatha Yoga at the Aronia Spa

Wellbeing for body, wellbeing for soul.

Recharge at the Aronia Spa & Wellness Center. Relax and take part in our 60-minute Hatha Yoga class, then relax in our 33 °C and 38 °C thermal pools. It is effective in helping to alleviate joint and muscle pain and inflammation in general, and even a short bath can significantly reduce stress and revitalise the whole body.


Every day from 3th February:

8 AM to 9 AM

2 PM to 3 PM

7 PM to 8 PM

Classes available in limited slots only.

During the yoga class the posture is corrected and adjusted. Exercise can cause muscle fever. Hatha yoga is using physical alignment and breathing control to achieve an equilibrium between the active body and its universe. The resulting harmony manifests itself as physical strength, physiological health and emotional well-being.

To ensure safety and help to contain the spread of the coronavirus, we have decided to temporarily suspend the operation of our Aronia Spa as of 24th March for an indefinite period.

More information and appointment

  • please contact the Spa Reception on -1 floor.
  • +36 1 436 4130 ( From your room: extension 4.)

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