St. Lukács Thermal Bath

Budapest is often called as the „City of Spas” because it abounds in thermal and medicinal water springs. Bath culture was formed during the Turkish occupation and now it became a leading sector in Hungarian tourism. Visitors can choose from a wide range of local thermal baths in the city center. One of them is Lukács Thermal Bath which dates back to the 12th century when monastery baths were built in this area. Later a drinking cure hall and then a daytime hospital was established. A few years ago most of the spa was renovated and modernised.

Address: 1023 Budapest Frankel Leó street 25-29.
Distance to the hotel: 2,6 km
Estimated time: 32 min by walk, 5 min by car, 5 min by public transport (Suburban train HÉV from Szentlélek tér to Margit híd)