Team building events

Team building programs

Team building – all in addition to give an unforgettable experience – forge the participants together and strengthen the communication within the team, it will give dynamism to the company. Team building is such an event, that comes up into every organization’s life one or two times a year. Do not hide from the sunlight, accomplish your community building programs in green environment, outdoors and on earth, in water or air!

The Secret of Aquincum

Unmissable experience and eternal secret! The aim of this fabulous program is team building, joint problem solving, creativity and ingenuity of the teammates.
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Finding the lost treasure of Aquincum

During the discovery treasure hunt, team has to unravel the secrets, solve the excercises with joint collaboration, however it is not so easy at all.

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Aquincum Geocoaching

The group starts the navigation route with the help of GPSs and maps in multiple team. Different physical and mental ordeals await for the members of the team on each coordinate points.

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Family and sport days

Organizing family and sport days are the best ways to reward your colleagues with an unforgettable day, they can spend with their family. Experience is more valuable, if you do not have to spend too much time with travelling.

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The programs can be converted according to the needs and the available budget, locations vary depending on the weather therefore prior consultation is required. We provide souvenir photo series to the programs.

Choose the team-building hotel of the city to your next event!
• In Budapest, Óbuda, single-sized green environment – forest environment in the city
• Easy access, convenient parking
• Customized team building games
• In case of bad weather indoor implementation of alternative options
• We provide souvenir photo series to the programs
• BBQ on the terrace
• Spa use for the duration of your stay

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