The Best Budapest Bars for a Winter Warmer

Beat the Budapest chill with a warming beverage, traditional tipple or personalised cocktail. The city is packed with ruin bars and cosy watering holes, but here are a few of our favourites.

Photo: Púder Bar and Theatre Gallery

The Best Budapest Bars for a Winter Warmer. Budapest is a city that knows the value of a warm drink in a cosy bar. No matter how frosty the weather outside, there’s no temperature that can’t be beaten by a cocktail, traditional tipple or large glass of wine. From national drinks Unicum and pálinka to ambitious cocktails at KIOSK Budapest, there’s a bar for every taste. Discover some of our favourites here.

Doblo Wine Bar

A trip to Prague’s Jewish Quarter is made all the better by a stop at Doblo Wine Bar, where a glass of warming, traditional pálinka can be enjoyed against the exposed brickwork of the interior. Pálinka has been a Hungarian staple since the middle ages, and now enjoys protected status by the EU, meaning the drink can only be true pálinka if it’s made, bottled and created from fruits grown in Hungary. Doblo has an extensive menu, and offers tasting sessions too.


Head to WarmUp for a more contemporary vibe, characterised by a completely personalised bar service. Turn up, tell the bar staff (led by Róbert Vitáris and Dávid Szabó) what flavours you’re in the mood for, and they’ll create you a bespoke cocktail on the spot. A stylish, one-off experience, located in the 7th district.

Púder Bar and Theatre Gallery

Renovated by a group of young Hungarian artists, this is one of Budapest’s more stylish ruin bars. Its welcoming atmosphere includes a programme of shows and events that attracts a young, stylish crowd. Think mulled wine in an atmospheric setting.

KIOSK Budapest

Cocktail bar yes, but average it is not. Visit KIOSK for their warming selection, including hot plum wine. Try the Hungaricum (uniquely Hungarian) menu for traditional and local flavours given the KIOSK once-over. The Elixirium Hungaricum, for example, mixes Muskotályos Pálinka with sugar syrup, grapes, lemon juice, soda and mint. You’ll also be sipping your drink while overlooking the beautiful Danube.


The more adventurous will enjoy the totally Hungarian winter warmer of a shot of Unicum followed by a beer chaser. And why not enjoy this unique cure in the shabby-chic surroundings of Aznap? The herbal Unicum isn’t to everyone’s taste, but its medicinal background (it was created by royal physician to the Hasburg Court Dr József Zwack) is most definitely worth a try. When in Rome, after all…

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