Pregnancy water gymnastics

Recharge at the Aronia Spa & Wellness Center. Relax and take part in our maternity water gymnastic classes, which does not only make the parents well-prepared and aware, but they also have a very good effect on the baby.


American Aquanatal:

American Aquanatal® is an aquatic prenatal exercise for pregnant women.
Aquanatal combines the elements of yoga, gymnastics, oriental dance, meditation. By modeling travail and birth, it brings the mothers closer to the birth process, while paying special attention to increasing the flexibility of the muscle groups and joints that are important during childbirth, and improving the proper breathing, so that both labor and childbirth become more conscious. It’s a relaxing water exercise for pregnant women, available from Week 12.

Dolphinbirth, aquatic couple training

Dolphinbirth is a couple water aquatic prenatal exercise that combines elements of physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, massage, fragrance and sound therapy, supplemented with yoga, labor and stretching postures, and relaxation exercises with water therapies. The program also involves fathers in the process so they can connect with their loved ones and their baby. Doing these exercise is not only making your parents well-prepared and self-confident, but they also have a very good effect on the baby and the quality of the relationship.

Watsu, aquatic shiatsu massage for adults, mothers

Watsu combines classic exercise therapy with zen shiatsu (Japanese massage technique) and relaxation. Watsu is beneficial for every age and is well suited for musculoskeletal disorders and stress-related symptoms. It is also very useful as a pregnant mother, that you can easily move the stressed joints by floating in warm water.

More information and appointment

The number of participants is limited, prior registration is required.

  • please contact the Spa Reception on -1 floor.
  • +36 1 436 4130 ( From your room: extension 4.)

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