Goose and Chestnut Weeks

Meeting of goose and chestnut at Ambrosia Restaurant

St.Martin’s Day is held on the 11th of November. One of the most popular saying is “if one does not eat goose on this day he remains hungry throughout the year”. So during this time goose appears on the menu card of the majority of restaurants. This year we wanted to create a special menu by mixing goose with chestnut which is not only delicious but healthy.

Our chef’s Choice:

Goose consommé with chestnut dumplings

Foie Gras with caramellized chestnut, hot milk bread and wine reduction

Risotto with smoked goose breast, chestnut and crispy Fuji apple

Confit goose leg with pumpkin potato mousse and cabbage-chesnut strudel

Goose stuffed in hand-made pasta  with vegetable spaghetti and chestnut chutney

Chestnut Mille-Feuille with hot blueberries

Wine of the Month

Wine of the month: Bock Ermitage Couve 2012 Villány

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The winery’s most popular wines. Villány wine varieties from the finest dűlőiből was built on the backbone of Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Portugieser, Gamay, Syrah grapes. Large oak barrels (40%) and used new oak barrels (60%) matures in 14 months. Medium-dark intensity, tending to garnet in color, which is slightly spicy, red-fleshed fruit aroma coupled. Its taste is sour cherry tartness felt a slight chocolate aftertaste.Recommended for pigs and poultry made from red meat roasts.


If you order a glass of wine, we will surprise you with ”Pogácsa” (special Hungarian biscuit) of the month: “Pogácsa” with dried tomatoes

New Year’s Eve Menu

Starter (Served)

Sirloin with  goat cheese and dried tomato
Smoked butterfish with basil and arugula
Duck liver mousse with madeira reduction and capers

Soup (Served)

Wild ragout soup

Gala buffet

Waldorf salad

Homemade pickles
Fresh cut seasonal vegetables with dip
Tomato salad with basil pesto
Potato salad with mayonnaise
Nicoise salad
Corn salad with crispy fried chicken cubes

Beef broth
Pumpkin Soup

Chicken breast with roasted garlic sauce and spinach
Red snapper fillet with beet Veloutee
Turkey breast with chestnut and honey mustard glazed ham
Roast lamb with rosemary and gravy sauce
Confit Roast piglet with pomegranate and orange brandy sauce
Olives and roasted vegetables
Oven baked potato
„Cvekedli” cabbage with apples
Homemade gnocchi with blue cheese

Cheese plate
Fruits plate
Mixed dessert selection 

Midnight (buffet)

Cabbage soup

Frankfurter (with mustard and horseradish)
Lentil stew (sour cream with fresh bread)

Spa Bistro

Health, freshness, Aquincum!

Healthy nutrition is an essential element of healthy lifestyle. Take your time and have some healthy drinks and snacks in our recently opened bar at Aphrodite Spa:

  • juices
  • vegetable juices
  • salads
  • freshly made sandwiches
  • hot sandwiches
  • yogurts
Chestnut puree - 590 HUF
Did you know that chestnut is not only delicious but healthy? Chestnut or maroni is extremely rich in vitamin E. 10 ounces chestnuts can cover almost 10% of our total daily vitamin E needs. If we consume regularly, we can improve the quality of our life, it can slow the aging process, the formation of wrinkles, reduce the risk of variouscancers and it also has an antispasmodic effect.

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